Welcome to Skills Todo!

Pandemic 2020 leading to the lockdown has hit many many industries in terms of business and employment opportunities. So, the world will be needing skills, in demand, now more than ever. For that Skills Todo comes up with a plan to sharing the skills in demand for professionals to either switch their career or be better in that.
We also understand that learning digital skills may not be way out for everyone. In order to save that time and effort, we have some of the most credible professionals as our consultants on board to help businesses benefit at a distance when necessary.

What do we have for you?

Short and concise online courses by industry experts

eConsultancy for businesses by credible contractors and established companies

Virtual branded events to maximize the impact of knowledge sharing


Why choose Skills Todo eLearning?

  • Shorten your learning curve with our short and concise courses
  • Easy to learn, step by step guides of only 60 – 90 minutes
  • Learn from the accomplished industry experts who’ve made their career with the same skills that they’re sharing with you
  • Take any skills course for under 2500 PKR
  • Get special discounts and coupons by joining our Facebook community

Why Skills Todo eConsultancy?

  • No more need to find out the credible consultants, we’ve done the effort.
  • Get bespoke and on-demand consultancy from the reputed companies.
  • Escrow payments at Skills Todo make online consultancy a lose free choice.
  • Our consultants take complete responsibility to address your business concerns, while you can work on the overall bigger picture.
  • All consultancy projects are protected by the contracts, so you can have a risk-free work relationship with your consultants.

Why Virtual branded Events?

  • Host more online events with your personal branding without doing anything
  • Get branded landing pages for signups and automated emails for your event
  • Save costs of purchasing software subscriptions and building an online setup
  • Take control of your event privacy from pre-launch to after launch.
  • We take care of a smooth and hassle-free online events and webinar experience while saving all your efforts and costs on technology.