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Skills Todo, in collaboration with NASTP Institute of Information Technology brings you professional courses on highly demanded skills around the globe. Experience world class training with our on-campus classes at NIIT.

Generative AI – 3 Month Certification

This 3-month generative AI course equips you with the skills to leverage cutting-edge tools like Gemini, ChatGPT and Copilot, making you a highly sought-after professional. Whether you’re a marketer, writer, entrepreneur, or anything in between, generative AI can transform your workflow. Through hands-on experience and interactive sessions, you’ll have a solid understanding of generative AI, giving you a competitive edge that can lead to promotions, increased earning potential, and a future-proof skillset.

Campus Location: NASTP Lahore
Investment: 65,000 PKR
Starting From: 22nd of June, 2024

AI Engineering – 3 Month Certification

 This 3-month Azure AI Services course empowers you to build powerful AI applications. Master essential skills like planning Azure solutions, applying computer vision, natural language processing, and more. Led by certified instructors, you’ll gain hands-on experience through virtual labs and expert support. By the end, you’ll be equipped to tackle business challenges, deploy secure AI solutions, and seamlessly integrate them into existing projects.

Campus Location: NASTP Lahore
Investment: 75,000 PKR
Starting From: 29th of June, 2024


Internationally Certified Trainers

Get trained by internationally certified trainers and become the best at what you learn.

Internationally Accredited Curriculum

We offer internationally accredited curriculum curated by Microsoft and Google training partners. 

State of the Art Campus

State of the art campus to give you a great training experience and exposure to the prfessional world.

Virtual Labs and Robust LMS

We augment virtual labs and LMS with our on-campus classes so our students can perform real life assignments and learn on the go.

Support Group and Forum

For additional help in learning critical concepts and help with assignments, we offer forum and chat groups to our students.

Employability Training (Bonus)

Our deep dive into interview skills and CV building at the end of certification program helps our students become industry ready.

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AI Power Play: Earn More and Rise Faster with In-Demand AI Skills

  • Master AI, solve complex problems, dominate your workflow. Earn more, rise faster.
  • Become an unstoppable AI force. automate mundane tasks, extract insights, make smarter decisions. Get ahead!
  • Unlock your earning potential with AI. Future-proof your career. Become a highly sought-after AI specialist.
  • Elevate your skills, unlock your creative potential, and command your worth in the AI-powered future.

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Launch your AI career with confidence. Our internationally certified trainers, cutting-edge curriculum, and supportive community empower you to master in-demand skills. Learn in a state-of-the-art environment and get career-ready training – it’s your AI success story waiting to be written.

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We specialize in tech training and certification solutions, empowering individuals and organizations for a tech-driven future.



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