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About the Program

 Our Malaysia IIEP is a two months transformative internship program where grads and undergrads from Pakistan will travel to Malaysia for on-site internships. The verticals for internship include subdomains of digital and tech solutions, business management and elementary school education. It’s a self funded program that needs a person to first qualify by being shortlisted by our partner companies in Malaysia for the internship.

Provide immersive on-the-job exposure.

Provide immersive on-the-job exposure in Digital Solutions, Elementary Education,Business Management.

Provide post-internship options.

Onboarding, Professional Courses, or Further Education or Career options in Malaysia.

Offer a two-month transformative experience.

Offer a two-month transformative experience.

Foster a diverse and inclusive learning environment

Foster a diverse and inclusive learning environment

The Core

Program Focus

The International Internship Program in Malaysia focuses on Digital Solutions, Elementary Education, and Business Management, distinct from the tech-oriented Young Tech Talent initiative.

Global Opportunities

Empower global graduates for the challenges of a highly competitive economy. 


Applicants should have a degree, diploma, or a skill in tech or non tech. Selection involves an online interview by the organization.
This initiative not only broadens career horizons but also provides a pathway for continued professional development.

Post Internship Opportunities

Upon completion, candidates can choose from Onboarding with the organization (subject to quota and work visa approval).

Domains of Internship

Elementary Education

  • Technology Integration in Education.
  • Language and Literacy Support.
  • Classroom Teaching Assistant.
  • Special Education Support.
  • Curriculum Development.

Digital Solutions

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning.
  • Digital Marketing and Social Media Management.
  • Data Analytics and Business Intelligence.
  • Web and Mobile App Development.
  • Cybersecurity

Business Managment

  • Public Relations (PR) and Communications
  • Finance and Accounting.
  • Human Resources (HR).
  • Project Management.
  • Marketing and Sales.

Registration for Internship Program

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Should be 6th or 7th Semester or Graduated
Internship Track
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150 words max
150 words max
Do you have a passport?
With 8 months validity at-least.
I hereby declare that the information provided is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge & I declare that it is in my knowledge that this Internship Program is self funded.

Onboarding Process

Engage in online interviews
Internship program
Enculturation Training
Monthly Consultation

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