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Become a sought after Generative AI Professional. Super charge your career growth with world class certification program on how to use generative AI for various applications and use cases.
Duration: 3 Months | Investment: 55,000 PKR | Starting June 22nd, 2024
Campus Location: NIIT – NASTP Cantt, Lahore

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Generative AI is a branch of artificial intelligence that can create new content, such as text, images, music, or code, based on some input or data. Generative AI has many potential applications and benefits for productivity and business, such as enhancing creativity, automating tasks, generating insights, and personalizing experiences. In this course, you will learn how to use popular generative AI tools, such as chat GPT, Copilot and Gemini.

Module 1: What is AI?
  •  Overview of AI, its types, methods, and applications.
  • Learning Outcome: Understand the concept and scope of AI.
Module 2: Introduction to Generative AI

Introduction to generative AI tools, such as ChatGPT, Copilot and Gemini; their architectures, features, and use cases.

Chat with chat GPT on a topic of your choice, utilize Gemini to complete and instructor led assignment, and use Copilot to generate code based on your comments and the code context.

Learning Outcome:
Learn how to use generative AI tools for various conversational and coding purposes.

Module 3: Generative AI for Productivity and Business

How to use generative AI tools for productivity and business tasks, such as scheduling, summarizing, brainstorming, researching, customer service, marketing, sales, and analytics.

Use generative AI tools to complete a series of productivity and business tasks based on your role and domain.

Learning Outcome
Learn how to leverage generative AI tools for enhancing your workflow and efficiency, and improving your customer and business outcomes.

Module 4: Generative AI for Operations

How to use generative AI tools for operations tasks, such as planning, organizing, controlling, improving, automating, monitoring, optimizing, and improving.

Use generative AI tools to optimize your operational efficiency and quality, and solve complex operational problems.

Learning Outcome
Learn how to leverage generative AI tools for optimizing your operational efficiency and quality.

Module 5: Generative AI for Sales

How to use generative AI tools for sales tasks, such as prospecting, qualifying, negotiating, closing, generating, personalizing, recommending, and converting.

Use generative AI tools to increase your sales revenue and conversion, and deliver personalized and engaging sales experiences.

Learning Outcome
Learn how to leverage generative AI tools for increasing your sales revenue and conversion.

Module 6: Generative AI for Creativity

How to use generative AI tools for creativity tasks, such as ideation, design, composition, and storytelling.

Use generative AI tools to generate creative ideas, designs, compositions, and stories.

Learning Outcome
Learn how to leverage generative AI tools for enhancing your creative potential and expression.

Module 7: Generative AI for Innovation

How to use generative AI tools for innovation tasks, such as discovery, invention, development, and implementation.

Use generative AI tools to discover new opportunities, invent new solutions, develop new products, and implement new strategies.

Learning Outcome
Learn how to leverage generative AI tools for driving your innovation process and impact.

Module 8: Generative AI Challenges and Opportunities

Overview of the challenges and opportunities of generative AI, such as ethics, reliability, creativity, and innovation.

Learning Outcome
Understand the implications and potential of generative AI for the future.

Module 9: Bonus Employability Training

Learn or improve your professional resume/CV building to be able to incorporate your learning from this course.

Interview prepration class to sell the skills you’ve learnt in this course to get hired or promoted at your existing job.

LinkedIn profile optimization to be able to apply on relevant jobs. 

What’s Included

52 Credit Hours of On-Campus Classes

3.5 hours of Video Content via LMS - created by Microsoft and Google learning partner.

Get Certified by Skills Todo and NIIT. Earn Trainocate Certificate - global leader in technology training.

Who Should Apply?

No matter whether you’re starting your career, already employed or running a startup; Generative AI course has so much value to offer in every role.

✓ Students
✓ Fresh graduates
✓ Budding professionals
✓ Self-employed business owners
✓ Startup founders
✓ Anyone looking for a career opportunity

State of the Art Campus

Internationally Certified Trainer

Curriculum Curated by Global Tech Leaders

LMS by Microsoft and Google Learning Partner

Bonus Employability Training

Globally Recognized Certification

Preparing You For Success

Become a Sought After Generative AI Professional

Master In-Demand AI Skills

Gain expertise in ChatGPT, Copilot, Gemini and other cutting-edge generative AI tools to become a sought-after professional in the rapidly growing field of artificial intelligence.

Unlock Career Opportunities

Acquire the skills needed to enhance your career in various fields, from marketing and sales to operations and innovation, or even embark on a lucrative freelance career with average earnings of $50-$500+ per hour in the global market.

Certified by Industry Leaders:

Receive a prestigious certification from Skills Todo, NIIT, and Trainocate – a Microsoft and Google Learning Partner, validating your expertise and boosting your credibility in the job market.

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