Frequently Asked Question

What is “Skills Todo”?

A skill-based e-learning platform, which provides a skill-learning as well as up skilling opportunity to the students and professionals of all the leading industries of Pakistan.

What does the name Skills Todo mean?

Skills Todo means the collection of employ ability and market-readiness skills which are in-demand and require pure action i.e. require you ”to do” and not just talk/read about it. It has also become a cool catchphrase where Skills trainers and experts speak of the Skills To Do.

What does Skills Todo offer?

It offers bite-sized pre-recorded courses, free live webinars of the industry experts, skills-based detailed bootcamps

Is there a fee for the Webinars?

No. This is an exceptional feature by Skills Todo. Webinars host Pakistan’s top industry experts, yet, we have arranged to keep it free of cost for all of our SkillStars

Who are the Skills courses for?

Skills courses are meant for the field-specific graduates and entry level professionals who want to upskill themselves and become the SkillStars of their workplace. These courses are bite-sized and can be easily completed over a short span of time.

What is the duration of the courses on Skills Todo?

The courses are usually 90-120 minutes long.

Why are the skills courses so short?

As the tagline goes, the courses are the ‘jaldbaazon ka intekhaab’ (the choice of the hasty ones). They are kept crisp and short because of the following reasons:

  • They are for the people who already have a know-how of the particular skills/industry
  • They help the SkillStars equip themselves with “what’s hot” in the professional industry, and then practice for it the way they want.

Will I get a certificate for the skills course?

Yes. The SkillStars will receive a completion certificate by the end of the course as well as Bootcamp.

What is the worth of getting a certification from Skills Todo?

Yes. The SkillStars will receive a completion certificate by the end of the course as well as Bootcamp.

What is a ‘Verifiable Certificate’?

At Skills Todo, we believe in quality and credibility. Therefore, we have developed a certificate verification system where your employers/supervisors can verify the authenticity of your certificate. The feature can be found Here

What is the price range?

In order to ensure access and affordability, we offer a range of learning options from free webinars and career guidance with industry-experts;to low-cost, high-quality courses; to slightly priced but highly-detailed and practical bootcamps. We also offer free modules for you to decide if you want to take the course.

Are there any scholarships available?

Yes. We have scholarships available for the aspiring SkillStars. In order to avail the scholarships, please fill this Form.

Where are the bootcamps held?

Most of the bootcamps are held online. We do have some bootcamps with physical space hands-on learning experience e.g for filmmaking, but those with theoretical learning are purely online

Do you have classes in physical space?

Not yet.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes, you have the option to make payments in installments here