Starting with Animation and Game Design

You are reading this description because of your interest in animation and game design. But you might be confused about where to start from. And that’s the reason I’ve made this course in very simple words.  I’ve explained the key points for understanding the Pre-Production Work for Animation that is of paramount importance if you want to excel in this field. These key points will make anyone understand what actually animation is all about and how it is done. The process work is always important and how well you have done it ultimately makes your work stand out and shine. Of course, this comes with experience and practice but knowing the right direction is so very important to save time. So you put all your energy into something which will help you to achieve what you are actually looking for.

Although I have made this course for beginners, this will guide you so much that you won’t label yourself as a beginner anymore. This course gives a lot of clarity on the concepts and the given links to start and learn from. I am an international Award Winner for my Animated Film in 2020. So all that I learned in my student and professional life is put into this course quite comprehensively.

Animation and game design is one of the finest fields to choose as a professional career. And the best thing about it is you can work from home even (Online) and start your own business by working for others and promoting your Instagram, bechance, etc. The only thing you need is the INTEREST, and by that, I mean “DETERMINATION “, to keep practicing and not giving up. Either you are an anime fan, or you want to work for children like me or anything you are interested in, the animation is the ideal platform to express and convey what’s on your mind. And that’s the reason why we talk about character description as an important thing before drawing and animating it. This course will help you to clear your concepts and you are free to convert your imagination to drawings, story-writing, animation, etc.

Key Areas Covered:

  • Generating and refining the idea
  • Research work for the concept
  • Defining the target audience and colour palette
  • Story writing for animation and game
  • Creating an art bible
  • Character and environment design
  • Creating character and scale sheet
  • Storyboarding and shadow study
  • Frame by frame and rotoscopy for animation

Who should attend this course?

This course is for anyone who’s good at imagination plus anyone who’s interested in learning the basics of animation (pre-production work: from where it all starts from).
You can learn a lot from this course even if you have ever heard about animation and its process work before. Isn’t that interesting? Once you understand the clarity of the basic requirements of animation, you have truckloads of options than to explore it in your own style, after all, you’ll jump into the category of being an artist.
This course will also help you if you are an animation student enrolled recently in a college/university.

Remember, the journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. I did MBA before learning Animation, and when I understood the basics of it and learned it passionately, I am here today sharing my course with you after getting a Distinction and Winning an International Award in India, 2020. So don’t worry, just jump in and enjoy learning because your interest and not giving up, will make you reach where you dream to be.


Course Introduction

Getting started with Animation

What is Animation?
History of Animation including the Early Studios
Importance of Animation

Starting with your Project

A Quick Overview
Generating the Idea
Reasearch work for the Concept
Defining the Target Audience
Design Thinking
Knowledge Check: Starting with your Project
1 question

Creating an Art Bible

Including Short Premise, Synopsis and a Complete Story
Knowledge Check: Creating an Art Bible
1 question

Logical Linkage of adding Exaggerated Stuff

From where it came from, Adding cue, the Struggle Journeys

Selecting the Colour Palette

According to the Target Audience and it’s taste

Environment Design

Rough ideas, Inspiration, Sketching, Line art, Rendering

Character Design

Inspiration, Line art, Adding details and defining Light Source

Working on a Character Sheet

Creating poses and Expression Sheet

Creating a Scale Sheet

Size of Characters in your Story
Knowledge Check: Creating a Scale Sheet
1 question


Shot Division
Frame by Frame or Rotoscopy for animation
Final Assignment

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Starting with Animation and Game Design